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Air Conditioner Maintenance
St. Peters, Missouri

Did you know for .42 cents a day, that’s 1 coffee a week, you can reduce your utility costs up to 30% when you service your A/C & furnace. When you join the club you also get priority scheduling, waives the service fee when we come out and service a repair, and finally 15% off all repairs and replacements.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

9 Out of 10 systems fail because of dirt, dust, and particle build-up

A buildup of .042 inches of dirt can result in a decrease in efficiency of 21% – EPA

Air Conditioner Maintenance, What Parts Do We Look At?

When it comes to A/C maintenance there are a few things we take a look at. Every system is different so how we approach each unit, especially when testing, may vary. We take air temperature readings, check the accuracy of the thermostat and see what the refrigerant levels look like. When it comes to refrigerant leaks we offer a refrigerant seal to avoid costly repairs or replacements. We also check voltage levels, wiring, connections, and other removable or moving parts.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

You Will Need: A Hose, Level, New Filter, and A Handheld Thermometer

If you don’t feel comfortable with any part of the Maintenance get a professional out to do it for you!

Outside Unit

(Air Conditioner or Heat Pump)

  • Clear Debris: clear any debris away from the outside of the unit – including leaves, shrubs and grass. Nothing should be within a 2 foot radius of your unit.

  • Rinse Off The Coils: Take the hose and spray your unit from the top of the unit. Spray from the inside out to try and get all the debris off the unit. Let all the water run down the fins until it looks like you got all the dirt. Be Careful you don’t bend your fins as they are very fragile!

  • Level Check: Check to see if your unit is level by using your level – if not get a professional out to get it leveled

  • Wire Check: Check all your unit’s electrical connections for any exposed wires

Inside Unit

(Furnace or Air Handler)

  • Filter Check: Check your filter by pulling it out and holding it up to the light; if you can see light through it than your good. If you can’t you need to replace your filter. Make sure when installing a new filter that you pay attention to the air flow. The arrow on the filter should be pointing the way the air is going. This should be done on an as needed basis but should be checked about once a month

  • No More Humidity!: Turn off humidifiers during the summer. There is no need for it, and it will make your house feel warmer.

  • Check The Drain Line: Pour a small amount of water down the drain line just to make sure it isn’t clogged.

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