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Air Conditioning: How Air Conditioners Work, The Process & A/C Services

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What is an Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner changes the temperature and humidity of the air in your home.  This generally means that it is going to cool the air by removing the heat energy that is inside the home and depositing it outside.  Then it adds cooler air into the home.

How Air Conditioners Work

How the Refrigeration Process Works & Cooling Your Home

We will be looking at how the typical split system works, however window units operate nearly the same way just on a smaller more condensed scale.  To better help you understand there are a few things that you need to know.

Phase Conversion for our means is when liquids convert to their gas forms during this process the gas will absorb heat.

Refrigerant is the medium which absorbs and transports heat. There are several different types of refrigerant and it depends on your unit as to which one you need. These will undergo a phase conversion at relatively low temperatures.

The Condenser, or Air Conditioner is the unit that sits outside the home. This is where cooler air is generated by the refrigerant and sent back into the home.

The Air Handler, or Furnace are both located inside the home. During the Cooling process they create the cold air and disperses it in the home.

1842: John Gorrie made the 1st machine that used a condenser to create ice.  He was later granted the first U.S. patent for mechanical refrigeration in 1851.

1902: Willis Carrier invented the 1st large scale electrical air conditioner.  It was created for a printing company that needed a controlled environment to more accurately print.

1914: The first house to have air conditioning was built in Minneapolis a short time later another house was created with ducts to transport the air creating the first central air conditioner.

1928: Freon was invented.  This was an alternative to other chemicals such as ammonia that were in use and are toxic to people.

The Main Parts of Your Air Conditioning Unit

  1. Evaporator Coil – this part is inside the home and receives the refrigerant in its liquid form (in the furnace)
  2. Condenser Coil – this facilitates the heat transfer process (in the outside condenser)
  3. Expansion Valve – This is a piece that regulates the flow of refrigerant (in condenser)
  4. Compressor – the pump that pressurizes the refrigerant (in the condenser)
  5. Fan – Used to disperse the heat outside.
  6. Thermostat – This tells your unit when to turn on and off through a piece in your units called the contactor.
  7. Refrigerant – This is the chemical that absorbs and releases heat, between the indoor and outdoor unit, to cool your home.

Cooling Tips & Tricks

  • During the day keep blinds and curtains closed to keep the sun from heating up your house and making your air conditioner work harder.

  • With programmable thermostats you can set these to have a higher temp when you are at work. Later the thermostat start your A/C before you get home so it’s nice and cool in the evening.

  • Weather seal doors in windows. This keeps cool air in during the summer and keeps it out in the winter.

  • Setting the thermostat around 78 degrees can drop the load on your A/C and help drive down your utility costs.

  • Only use fans in the rooms you’re occupying to keep your electrical costs low.

  • Replacing your filter on a regular basis protects your investment from failure and breakdowns. Maintaining your system will prolong the life of the system and help you avoid costly repairs.

  • Have a reliable HVAC company come at least once a year to service your unit and make sure it is running well.  This will help catch small issues before they become big problems.

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