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Furnace Maintenance

With Fall in full swing, now is the perfect time to think about furnace maintenance before the harsh winter months hit. Furnace maintenance is key to ensuring your system will run properly when you need it the most. Some maintenance can be done by a homeowner, but some should be performed by a professional. So, lets find out what services can be done by you and what should be best left to the professionals.

Air Filter

One of the easiest ways a homeowner can help improve the quality of their system is to change their air filter. If your air filter is dirty, it can make your system drastically less efficient. It can also cause strain on your HVAC system’s parts. An easy way to remember to change your air filter is by setting aside 12 air filters, labeling them by month, and swapping them out accordingly.

Clear Debris

Another great way to keep your system running smoothly is to ensure that your system is free of any debris. If your unit is close to trees or bushes, leaves or other plant matter may fall onto your your unit. It is important to clear debris off your unit in order to allow maximum airflow.

Clean and Clear Ducts

It is important to check the registers and air returns in your home to make sure nothing is covering them. It is very easy for something like a chair or some clothing to get pushed on top of a register. This can make your home run inefficiently.

Speaking of registers, it is always a good idea to keep them as clean as possible. When dust builds up on them it can cause airflow blockages. You can also seek out a professional to get your entire duct system cleaned, which can also help with allergies and mold issues.

Scheduled Maintenance

Duct cleaning isn’t the only thing you should call a professional out for. Having a HVAC professional look at your system before you fire up your furnace for the first time in months is a very good idea. They can catch small issues before they become major problems. They are trained to recognize the strange sounds that come from your furnace. Some of them are perfectly normal, but others are cause for concern. Scheduling maintenance for your air conditioner in the Spring and furnace maintenance in the fall will help to ensure your HVAC systems will continue to run the way they were designed to run.

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