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Furnace Repair Throughout St. Louis, MO – Easy & Affordable

We help you create your ideal home environment with our innovative products.  Lower your bills, improve your comfort and get better indoor air quality all with a York product.  You are protected by some of the best warranties in the industry to make your new purchase worry free.

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$25 Off Your Next Furnace Repair

There are two ways to redeem this coupon. First you may print this coupon off and let us know you have it before payment & repair. If you don’t have a printer, just relay the coupon code to one of our office staff and we’ll apply the discount!

We Can Repair or Replace Any Brand

4 Major Types of Furnace Repairs We Commonly See

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are critical pieces of your furnace that can crack over time. Once cracked a heat exchanger can release several harmful pollutants into your home.

Dirty Air Filter

All air flows through the air filter. A dirty filter can severely restrict air flow and cause the furnace to choke, overwork the system and eventually cause failure in the system.

Dirty Gas Burners

The burners in your gas furnace can get dirty causing a significant disruption in both gas and air flow.  Resulting intermittent heat and possibly the release of carbon monoxide.

Dirty Flame Sensor

Having a dirty flame sensor can cause your unit to shut down. Since it is the part that informs the rest of the unit if there is a flame present. 

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Furnace Repair Made Simple & Easy

Even with the best of care, no heating system will last forever. So, if you own yours long enough, sooner or later something is bound to go wrong.  Thankfully there are several options at your disposal from preventative maintenance to calling one of our comfort specialists to perform a repair.

Our comfort specialists are trained to perform repairs on all sorts of gas & electric furnaces. We can also take a look at your boiler system or radiant heating system too.

When it comes to furnace repairs there’s no more valuable heating service we offer than our Budget Savings Club; a 29-point safety inspection, cleaning, and tune-up. Think of it as insurance against what could go wrong. As part of our inspection, we’ll call your attention to any minor repair issues we might uncover. Then, with your approval, we’ll get them fixed right away before things get worse.

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