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How To Hide Your Water Heater

You just got finished with a hard days work and you are ready to unwind and relax. The first thing on the agenda is to take a nice hot shower. So, you get yourself prepped and step into the hot shower, only to find out the shower is not hot after all…the water heater isn’t heating. So you walk down to your basement to find out whats wrong with the big hunk of metal that sits in a dark corner. Fortunately you are on your toes and quickly realize that your water heater isn’t broken, but rather your pilot light is out. You then easily fix the problem and try to move on with your day, but something keeps bothering you. Why does an ugly water heater have to be such an eye sore in your home. Isn’t there a better way to keep your basement or laundry room looking more tidy, while still having the necessary benefits of a water heater? Yes. There certainly is. Take a look at some clever ways to hide your water heater and keep your home looking nice and tidy.

Method 1: Use a Wall Divider

Take a look at this first method provided by Jenna at WifeInProgress. She took one of the simplest ideas to mask a water heater, and made it look fantastic. She simply bought herself a wall divider that matched the decor in her basement, and used it to cover her water heater. This is a fantastic idea for several reasons. First the installation is as easy as it gets. Just set up the wall divider and you’re done. That. Is. It. Another reason this method works well is because it keeps the ease of access to the water heater. Many times water heaters are placed in very tight quarters. Building a permanent structure around your heater may look wonderful, but may cause a headache when doing repairs or maintenance. So a semi-permanent wall is a really effective way to go.

Method 2: Make a Water Heater Cover

Another possibility is making a water heater cover like Tania from Little Vintage Cottage did. Her method was pretty simple: take a piece of fabric, size it properly, and finally wrap it around the water heater. Tania also had the really clever idea of attaching the fabric to the water heater using magnets. This idea works wonderfully for several different reasons. First, it is very inexpensive. The only expenses are fabric, magnets, and a bit of your time. Second, this option does not take up any space at all, so if your heater is in a tight spot, this may be the choice for you. And finally, just like the wall divider it can easily be removed, so you can access the heater.

Method 3: Out of Sight, Out of Mind


And a final idea is to hide the water heater completely inside a permanent structure. There are many ways do do this, but the most common is to put up drywall around the water heater and make a closet for it. This method costs more than the other two methods, but it looks extremely nice. There are also several examples of homeowners using reclaimed pallet wood for the closets walls for a more rustic look. While this method looks the nicest of the three, it does have disadvantages. Because the walls cannot be moved, it can make getting access to the heater for repairs much harder. Also, if you need to replace a water heater it will have to be the same size as your old one. This may become an issue if you may want to install a new water heater that has a bigger diameter.

No matter what method you choose to hide you heater, being able to have an unsightly water heater covered up is always a good option that makes your home look more finished. Which method do you plan on using in your home?

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