Carbon Monoxide Detectors, CO Detectors in St. Charles County & St. Louis County

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Monitor low CO levels and display the current peak CO levels detected as low as 10 PPM.  You with this carbon monoxide detector you can view the duration of the peak level all with the touch of a button.

Defender CA6150 Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Defender CA6150 Sealed Lithium Battery Powered carbon monoxide alarm enables the home owner to monitor the current and peak CO levels from 10 PPM.  The non-removable lifetime batteries never have to be replaced, cannot be pilfered for us in another device, and are warranted to power the detector for ten years.  Secure mounting system protects detector installation.

The Health Risks of Low CO Exposure

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that exposure to low levels of CO can cause long-term health damage, even after the CO source is removed.  Those at high risk include the elderly, pregnant women, young children and persons with medical conditions.  Low CO levels are defined as below 30 ppm.

Protect Your Health

The risks associated with CO exposure increase with time.  With one touch of a button, the Defender CA6150 enables you to monitor the current CO level detected as low as 10 ppm, the highest CO level detected from 10-999 ppm, and for how long the peak CO level was detected.

Protect Your Safety

CO is invisible and odorless.  CO detectors may be removed and disabled by guests or children when an alarm is activated but nothing is seen or smelled.  The Defender CA6150 is safely secured with a screw through the alarm into its mounting plate, and the two factory preinstalled lithium batteries are non-removable.

carbon monoxide detector
  • Sealed lithium batter powered CO alarm
  • Two non-removable lifetime batteries
  • Automatic and manual battery activation
  • Integrated filter for removing nuisance gases
  • Samples for carbon monoxide every 10 seconds
  • Large alpha-numeric LCD readout with memory
  • One-touch displays current CO level from 10 PPM
  • Automatic displays current CO level from 30-999 PPM
  • Memory displays peak CO level from 30-999 PPM
  • Memory displays duration of peak from 0-999 minutes
  • Separate display and test buttons
  • Separate alarm, power, and service LED’s
  • Phillips screw secures detector to mounting plate
  • Tested and listed to ANSI/UL 2034-09 standard
  • Ten year factory warranty for alarm and batteries

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