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Budget Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Mission Statement – Why We Work For You

Do you invite complete strangers into your home? Obviously that answer is no but we go into people’s homes every day as strangers. That’s why we regard this as a privilege. With this privilege we will provide an amazing customer experience. We will create a culture of extraordinary. Our people will be individualistic in their thinking but team players in their actions.


Simply put, to be the best HVAC/Plumbing contractor. What does this mean? It’s a given that we will strive to be consistently delivering high value services to our customers with passion and professionalism. It also means that we will continue to offer our services at competitive rates, give people several options for their home within their budgets and provide solutions for homeowners that are not high pressures sales. Whether it’s a repair or a complete replacement they’ll be more than happy with the solution.


Budget Heating, Cooling and Plumbing’s vision is to be a company whose success is built upon consistency, honesty, quality service and continuous improvement. Our goal is to be the purple goldfish in the vast ocean of normal goldfish that swim around. What does this mean? To continually innovate and transform how the HVAC/Plumbing industry operates, provides solutions and comes to market. We will look to continually evolve, adapt and improve.




From products and services to emails and phone calls, every interaction will be met with honesty. Truth will become one of our most important tools at Budget.

We will always conduct our business with the highest moral standards. We will always meet conflict with resolution and expectations with excellence.

We will not conduct business with unethical persons or businesses no matter how desperate our need for work is nor will we treat others in an unethical manner.


Those who work with us and show us loyalty, whether a customer or vendor, deserve our loyalty in return. Truly these are the only types of people we should be working with so when we find loyal people we will be equally loyal back to them.


It goes without saying that we will treat each other and our customers and vendors with respect. We will expect the same from them in return. If they show themselves to be undeserving of our respect, we will discontinue our relationship with them, peacefully and quietly.


We need to use this as a major tool to set ourselves apart from our competition. Through the use of our customer survey’s, an updated website, and the responsibilities of our marketing department. We should always be coming up with new ideas in this area where we can use technology to give us an advantage.


We are not only a team, but almost a second family. As a team we always strive to achieve our best. We treat each other with respect and honesty to create a harmonious and safe working environment. We spend almost as much time here as we spend with our families. We should always be quick to congratulate each other and slow to condemn. We should always be asking ourselves what we can do to help out our teammates.


This is the key that pulls everything together. Nothing will be accomplished unless people are held accountable for their actions and ultimately their results. Every person in this company has a role in accountability.

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