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Nest Protect: Change How You Think About CO and Smoke Alarms

The Protect thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone, making your home safer than it has ever been. Its redesigned features makes safeguarding your home worry and hassle-free. Your Protect will always keep you connected and in the loop whenever your home is in danger.

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Nest Protect: Smoke Alarm

In the 70’s a fire would take 30 minutes to overwhelm a room. However, today a room can become engulfed in less than five minutes. This is because of the increased use of flammable materials in furniture. It is more important than ever to protect your loved ones from the dangers of a fire. 

How the Protect Senses Fire

The Nest Protect uses a split spectrum sensor to detect fires.  This uses a photoelectric particle scattering sensor and a blue LED. The split spectrum brings the power of a commercial grade sensor to your home. The split spectrum allows the Nest Protect to “see” different types of fire. Meaning it can catch both fast burning and low smoldering fires by having the split sensor.  What does that mean for you? It means that you will know sooner when your home is facing a fire related emergency.

Smart Alerts For A Smart Smoke Detector

The Protect has two different alarms: The “you may want to check on that” alarm and the “you have a serious situation” alarm. This means if the Protect notices something is burning it will use a friendly human voice to alert you. So, you can catch burnt food before it becomes a burnt kitchen. If there is an emergency all the protects alert you in unison. Not only will it tell you that you have an emergency, but it will be able to tell you what room the alert is coming from.

Nest Protect: Carbon Monoxide Detector

Not only is your Protect a state of the art smoke alarm but it is also an industry grade carbon monoxide detector. Carbon Monoxide is a odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas. It kills people all over the country every year. Without a carbon monoxide detector it is impossible to detect. Common household sources of carbon monoxide include your gas furnace and water heater.

How the Protect Stands Apart From the Competition

It utilizes a 10-year CO sensor, which is longer than other residential carbon monoxide detectors. So, you never have to worry about CO. The Protect also connects to your Nest thermostat. When the Nest Protect senses CO your Nest Thermostat turns off your furnace, a common source of CO. 

Nest Protect Offers Protection Not Annoyance

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