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The Nest Thermostat Because It’s Time For Your Thermostat To Work For You

New designs and new technology make this generation of Nest Thermostat easier to use. It works in perfect harmony with other smart home products to make your home more comfortable, convenient and safe.

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Nest is Easy!

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Nest Thermostats

The biggest energy user in your home is your heating and cooling system. It makes up roughly 50% of all energy use in your home.  It makes sense that the biggest user would also waste the most energy, costing you money. The main reason for this waste is trying to keep your house heated or cooled when you’re not at home. This is where the Nest thermostat comes into play. It helps cut back on your energy bills by decreasing the use of your heating and cooling systems. We keep our house up to temperature, but why pay for it? Nest will turn it down when your at work and make sure it is up to temperature before you get back.

The Programmable Problem

Regular programmable thermostats help with reducing energy use. They do this by telling your systems when to start working. But programmable thermostats are hard to set up and often go unused. The Nest thermostat learns your schedule and shows you how to save the most energy. After one week it knows your schedule, and it will begin working behind the scenes. This makes it easier to get the most out of your Nest Thermostat as soon as it is installed.

Easily Installed and Set-Up

Save Energy & Money

An independent survey found that the Nest thermostat saved on average 10-12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs.

This means an annual savings of  $131-$145 based on average energy costs. 

  • Eco-Mode: Displays a leaf when your in prime energy savings range.

  • Energy Report Cards: Monthly energy reports that let you know how to save more.

  • Smart Programming: Turns down the thermostat usage when your not home.

A Style for Every Home

No more ugly, boxy contraptions forced on your walls. The Nest thermostat is sleek and modern. It comes in 4 colors to fit any style. Their large sharp screens not only look nice, but makes using the Nest thermostat easier than ever.  It will light up when you enter the room, so you can easily see it. You can have it display temperature, weather, or time.

  • 4 Color Options

  • Sharp Screen

  • Modern Display

  • Far Sight Technology

Your Connection to Home

Nest thermostats connect with your life. It connects your home to your smartphone, so you can control and track it from anywhere. If something is wrong with your temperature at home you will instantly get an alert to your phone. It will alert you if your furnace is acting up or it is cold enough for your pipes to burst. Not only does it connect to your phone, but it connects to a ton of other devices. It also works in unison with Nest Protect. When the Protect senses a CO leak the Nest Thermostat will shut off your furnace to protect you and your family.

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