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Standard Water Heaters That Will Make Your Plumbing Anything But Standard

Whether your water heater has left you with cold showers or not performing as well as you would like; we offer quality A. O. Smith water heaters to restore confidence back into your plumbing.  Our friendly and professional comfort specialists will help go over all of your options to improve your hot water situation.

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What Is A Standard Water Heater

If you went and looked at your water heater right now, you would likely see a large tank holding all of your hot water.  It keeps a large amount of hot water 24/7 for you to pull from anytime you need it. In the St. Louis area, this is the most common hot water heater that we come across.

Sizing Your Water Heater

Making sure that you have a properly sized water heater is important to achieve comfort for your hot water needs. A comfort specialist will talk with you on which water heater would be best for your home according to how many people and fixtures will need accommodating. They come in a variety of sizes; so there is one to fit your exact needs.

Request More Information on Standard Water Heaters

Contact Budget today and we’ll send out one of our comfort specialists to help you get started.  We will walk you through the process and help you choose the right unit for you home.  Give us a call at (636) 887-2800 or hit the request service button and fill out a form.

A. O. Smith ProMax® Atmospheric Vent Series

Durable, reliable, and economic performance are hallmarks of the ProMax® Atmospheric Vent series. They utilize inventive new technology makes this series efficient, affordable, and made to last.

A. O. Smith ProMax® Atmospheric Vent Models

  • GCR-30

  • GCR-40

  • GCG-50

atmospheric vent water heater
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Intelligent Designs To Make Your Life Easier

  • Electronic components that self-generate power without an external power source.

  • Intelligent microprocessor to optimize performance.

  • LED status indicator for service diagnostics.

Energy Efficiency To Lower Your Utilities

  • Green Choice gas burners that recuces NOx emmissions by 33%.

  • Offers an energy factor of up to .62.

Durable Components To Make Your Investment Last

  • DynaClean™ diffuser dip tube to help reduce sediment build-up to maintain your unit’s efficiency over time.

  • CoreGard™ technology increases the life of your anode rod to prolong protection for your water heater.

  • Corrosion-resistant brass drain valve for improved reliability.

A. O. Smith ProMax® Power Vent

The ProMax® Power Vent series was created to maximize efficiency. Its design offers an array of install options to fit unique installation needs. The Power Vent models offer everything the Atmospheric Vent models offer, plus more.

A. O. Smith ProMax® Power Vent Models

  • GPVL-40

  • GPVL-50

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High Efficiency Power Vent Units To Save Your Checkbook

  • Energy Star rated so make sure to ask about any rebates you may be eligible for.

  • More efficient than the Atmospheric Vent line up with an energy rating of .7.

  • Uses environmentally friendly insulation to reduce heat loss and maximize efficiency.

Easily Installed—Even in Tight and Cramped Spaces

  • Utilizes a three-position blower outlet for more installation options.

  • Has an optional top-mounted T&P relief valve for unique spaces.

A. O. Smith Vortex Heat Pump Water Heaters

The Heat Pump line uses environmental heat to efficiently heat your water using heat energy to drastically lower energy bills. The increased tank size allows more hot water for less money.

AO Smith Heat Pump Water Heater
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We Make Getting A New Water Heater Easy!

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