Preventing Frozen Pipes

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Preventing Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes Cause Major Problems

With the cold months underway, homeowners need to be diligent in protecting their home from the elements. Your HVAC system isn’t the only thing you need to worry about breaking down in the frigid temperatures. Your plumbing is also at risk when temperatures are consistently below freezing. When the temperature of your pipes drops below freezing, you run into the potential risk of your water freezing as well. If the water in your pipes freezes, it causes it to expand, and can easily break a pipe. Frozen pipes can cause major flooding in your home and create major damages. So, what can you do to prevent a disaster like a broken pipe due to freezing?

Prevention Is Key

As with most problems, prevention is always the best course of action. Knowing where your pipes are exposed in your home, and locating vulnerable locations that may be susceptible to freezing is imperative in preventing breaks. Once you have located any pipes that could run into problems with freezing, you should attempt to insulate them with foam pipe insulation. Insulation is relatively cheap, and well worth the cost of preventing a busted pipe.

Installing insulation is a great start, but there are still plenty of other things that can help protect your home. In many basements there are areas that aren’t insulated from the weather, like laundry rooms, which can house exposed pipes. Many times, the only thing between your pipes the frozen ground outside ground is the home’s foundation. So, if you are able to, leave your basement door open to help let heat in in from the rest of your home in order to raise the temperature above freezing.

Keep Your Home Warm

In order to allow heating to flow into your basement, it is imperative that your furnace is running correctly. Proper maintenance throughout the year will help ensure your furnace is able to blow warm air when your home needs it the most in the winter. If you don’t have heat in your home, you are risking a lot more than just being cold. Most people cannot image much more of a disaster in their home than having both their furnace out and their pipes bursting.

If frozen pipes in your home do manage to break, it is detrimental that you locate your homes water shutoff. Doing this can prevent any more water from leaking into your home and causing damage. Once you have done this, calling a certified plumber to fix your broken pipe is vital.

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