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Preventative Maintenance at Home

As a homeowner there are several major systems in your home that are fully mechanical, need preventative maintenance,  and usually function without a second thought from you.  Systems such as:

  • Central Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Water heating

Much like a car that regularly needs to have its oil changed and have the fluids checked to keep it in peak operating condition, your home systems need the same type of maintenance.


When we are told about preventative maintenance on our home systems it’s often talked about as a preventative measure.  Though Preventative maintenance is a term that can be a bit misleading. It often leads to the belief that by doing said maintenance than the machine will never break down.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Maintenance can catch problems before they happen and make your systems run more efficiently. However, ultimately it is not going to keep parts from ever wearing out.

That isn’t to say that maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked just that the term ‘regular’ maintenance may be less misleading. Regular maintenance is still vital. It will help protect you from a home emergency, like having no A/C on a 100 degree day, it just won’t make your air conditioner last forever. Just like having your oil changed in your car, it will help keep your car off the side of the road but eventually you will need a new car even if you change the oil every 5,000 miles.  

If it is your unlucky day and your systems are nearing the end of their life a trained HVAC professional may be able to notify so that you have some time to prepare.  Also they can get you different quotes for a unit to replace your old one. They can also make sure that you know all your options so you can be as prepared as possible to keep your family comfortable.

Almost every HVAC company will offer a preventative or regular maintenance plans to help protect your home’s systems.  The best way to find a good one is easy:

  1. Who is close to you? Not all companies can service all areas make sure you are looking at companies who can service your home!
  1. Get Social! – Read online reviews on Google, Facebook, and the BBB. In the digital age there is no need to go off one word of your brother’s best friend when you can see the word of 50 or a 100 different people that are willing to tell you how their experience went with a company.  
  1. Check out the perks! – Once you have it narrowed down to a few companies check to see what added benefits each company offers with their plans. Don’t forget to look at cost as well!

Preventative maintenance is a very important aspect of keeping your home comfy all year around.  The term preventive may just be a bit confusing especially to a new homeowner.  Remember to think carefully about which regular maintenance plan you decide to choose. It could make the difference between sitting in a hot house this summer or relaxing on the couch.  However no matter how good your systems perform, they all have a shelf life. It’s always good to  prepare for when that comes.

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