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Snaking A Clog

When your home has plumbing issues, it is nice to be able to prep before a plumber comes. That way you can be ready for the plumbers solution or possibly solve the issue before the plumber even heads out. A plumbing issue that many homeowners run into is a clogged pipe. One very common place for a clog to occur is in the bathroom shower or tub drain. The reason for this is because it is very easy for hair to go down the drain and get caught and collect other material, as well as other hair. This can easily create a clog which prevents your drain from emptying properly. Fortunately, there is a solution that is very cheap and easy for an average homeowner to perform, and that solution is purchasing a drain snake.

Unclogging Your Pipes

They come in a variety of lengths and designs, but all work on the same principle. Hardware stores frequently carry snakes are are fairly cheap. Also, many dollar stores have them available for sale. Using a snake to grab clogged material has a fairly high success rate. We highly recommend using a face mask or covering your mouth/nose with a cloth when snaking, because clogs have a tenancy to smell very unpleasant to say the least. Also, many people prefer wearing gloves to prevent any skin contact with the clogged material.

It’s important that you remember when snaking that you’re not trying to unclog by pushing an item down the drain. If you attempt to push the clog out it may just get stuck further down your drain. You should always attempt to pull out the clog, so it is completely free of your plumbing system.


Of course your best defense against a clog is to prevent them in the first place. Taking precautions like checking your drain for hair after showering can help immensely in preventing hair from clogging your pipes. If you are someone who flosses their teeth in the shower it is also extremely important that you do not let the used floss go down the drain. Floss is incredibly strong and will not break down if it gets caught in your pipes. Installing a drain cover can also be a lifesaver in preventing unwanted materials going into your plumbing system. If prevention fails and you do get a clog in your pipe, a snake is a great option.. If you can’t unclog a pipe on your own it is always a smart choice to call a licensed, local plumber to help all of your plumbing needs.

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