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Mini-Splits Are A Perfect Solution For A Ductless System

We help you create your ideal home environment with our innovative products.  Lower your bills, improve your comfort and get better indoor air quality all with a York product.  You are protected by some of the best warranties in the industry to make you new purchase worry free.

YORK® Affinity Series

$100 Off Your Next Mini-Split Install

There are two ways to redeem this coupon. First you may print this coupon off and let us know you have it before payment & installation. If you don’t have a printer, just relay the coupon code to one of our office staff and we’ll apply the discount!

Light Commercial Applications

YORK® duct-free mini-split systems suit a wide range of light commercial applications including:

  • Buildings with remote or separated offices – such as supermarket administrative offices, manufacturing supervisor offices, parking lot structures and mobile offices at construction sites.
  • Small business applications – such as convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and daycare centers.
  • Extra and back-up cooling – such as areas that are mission-critical or areas where cooling demand cannot be met with existing systems.
  • Electrical and IT closets – ideal solution to add extra cooling to spaces with heat-generating equipment.
  • Wineries or small areas with stringent heating or cooling requirements – an economical and easy-to-install solution for businesses with the need for tight temperature control.

Residential Applications

YORK® ductless heat pumps and mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners suit a wide range of residential applications including:
  • Room additions – a practical and economical solution compared to upgrading existing systems.
  • Apartments, condominiums, and townhouses –an ideal solution compared to the hassle, noise, obstructed view, and other issues associated with typical window units.
  • Older houses where ducts are not available – a customer-pleasing solution to add air-conditioning without the need for extensive construction or altering of interior spaces.

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