An HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technician’s job is one that is often overlooked. Yet, it is a rewarding and challenging career choice. Here are a 5 reasons why you should choose to be an HVAC techs in the greater St. Louis area.

1. Good Pay.

It pays better than you think! The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2015 the average HVAC tech made $45,110. But, the top 10% of techs made on average of $71,690! Sounds better than $7.25 an hour doesn’t it?

2. Plenty of Job Opportunities.

Worried about finding a job? Not with HVAC! The amount of jobs in HVAC is only going to increase over the next few years.  It’s estimated that from 2014-24 the job market will increase by 34%. On top of that, there are not enough HVAC techs in school to replace the 31% that will be leaving over the next ten years. While others are waiting tables trying to find a job in their field, you will have a slew of opportunities to choose from.

3. Less Schooling.

You don’t need 6 years of school! The average student takes only two years to get through schooling. Less school means you spend more time making money instead of paying money. Also, it means that your student loans are a lot less scary than completing a four year program.

4. Advancement opportunities.

There are several different routes you can go to advance your HVAC career.  Positions such as field managers, operations managers, distribution managers and even HVAC teachers.  Teachers will be in especially high demand with an estimated 50% of them retiring by 2025.

5. Jobs are everywhere.

HVAC systems are used everywhere from homes, to hospitals and restaurants. They have a limited life span on them. People’s livelihood and health are connected to their air conditioners and furnaces. When you get them up and running you will have made a profound impact on their lives.
There is also the added benefit of going out everyday meeting new people all over your area.  You work with your hands to help solve problems. You will see their reaction when you restore comfort to their homes and businesses, and go home every day and know that you made a difference in your community. HVAC can be a fulfilling and engaging field and should be a consideration for anyone who likes working with their hands.