The rise of technology has lead to many great innovations that make our lives much easier over the years. Thankfully the HVAC industry was not exempt from those innovations. New technology has allowed for much more efficient equipment that allows homeowners to save on their energy bills. One way that homeowners can save is by installing a new programmable thermostat, and there are many other benefits of installing a programmable thermostat into your home.

Adding a programmable thermostat, like a Nest to a new air conditioning system is a great way to maximize the energy savings on your new system. But, did you know adding a programmable thermostat to an older system can also make your home drastically more efficient? Because programmable thermostats are so accurate in their temperature control, even inefficient, old systems can benefit. They can also help systems last considerably longer, because the system isn’t constantly turning on and off.

Schedule Your Heating and Cooling

The main attraction that programmable thermostats offer is the ability to raise or lower your homes temperature remotely. Most allow you to schedule your heating and cooling. So, in the summer you aren’t cooling an empty house while you are away and vice versa in the winter. Along with scheduling, most programmable thermostats are accessible via WIFI. So, if temperatures rise or lower while you are out, you can access your thermostat. You can then set your home to the level of comfort you desire.

Another aspect that homeowners find appealing about programmable thermostats is the amount of information that becomes available to them. Programmable thermostats can let you know things such as humidity levels in your home. They can also tell you information like when it is the appropriate time to change your furnace filters. Also, if your home is zoned it may be necessary to install a programmable thermostat in order to control which rooms are receiving heating and cooling.

The initial cost of a programmable thermostat may be off-putting to some homeowners, but the long term savings are hard to deny. This, combined with the amount of control and information given to a homeowner, makes installing a programmable thermostat a no-brainier when updating your home’s HVAC system.