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A dehumidifier plays a crucial role in eliminating excess moisture and achieving optimal humidity levels in your home. Excessive humidity not only compromises indoor air quality but can also have detrimental effects on your health. During the summer months, it is recommended to maintain a humidity level around 50%. In winter, particularly if you observe condensation on windows, it’s advisable to keep humidity as low as 30%. By investing in a dehumidifier, you can create a healthier and more comfortable living environment by effectively controlling humidity levels year-round.

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Trust our team for comprehensive dehumidifier services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. Our experts specialize in delivering high-quality dehumidification solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment by effectively removing unwanted moisture from your home.

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Moisture and Humidity

Daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and showering can add moisture to your home’s air. Condensation happens when warm air hits a cold surface, like a window or wall. Even normal cleaning activities, like mopping floors or shampooing a carpet, can create moisture which leads to dampness in a home.

Signs Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Foggy windows. Do your home’s windows look more like mirrors? The cause of this is from the temperature inside vs. outside. If it is cooler inside the home, then that means there will be cooler air coming in from the window frames. Warm air can get trapped and turn into condensation. This wetness on window frames is an early sign of how high moisture levels may be in your home.

Mold spots on ceilings and walls. Mold thrives in high moisture environments. Homes with excessive moisture in the air can cause surfaces to become susceptible to growing bacteria, allergens and mold. This can cause serious health risks for you and your family.

Musty odor. Ever walk into a home and notice right away it has a strong musty smell? This is caused by excessive moisture in the air.  Carpets and other surfaces that are close to warm moist air, will absorb it and hold on to it causing bad odors throughout the home.

Creaky floors and cabinets. Does your home talk back to you? When wood takes in moisture, it causes it to expand. Over time, large amounts of moisture can cause doors, floors and window frames to become warped and begin to creak.

Quick Fixes Aren’t Always Enough

Nowadays, homeowners have a wide range of home products at their disposal, thanks in large to shopping websites such as Amazon. However, a portable dehumidifier is not the same as a whole home dehumidifier. Whole home units have larger capacities for moisture removal without annoying buckets of water to empty. They have been designed to easily integrate into your central heating and cooling system, so they are quiet and do not take up your valuable living space.


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Choosing the right home comfort equipment is a significant decision. We understand the importance of staying within budget. That’s why we’ve collaborated with a range of flexible financing options to make your investment seamless and affordable. Explore our tailored financing solutions for hassle-free installation and enhanced comfort in your home.


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We know that installing new home comfort equipment can be a big decision. That’s why we have partnered with several financing options to help you stay within your budget.

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