The heating system in your home, in particular the furnace, becomes the star of the show in winter time. You definitely do not want to tough it out with a malfunctioning furnace when the temperature is dropping fast. If your furnace is quite old and it has been giving trouble for some time now, you may even be considering new furnace installation right before winter sets in. Make sure you keep these five things in mind before you set the ball rolling for the furnace installation.

#1- Efficiency vs. price

Being cost conscious is not a bad thing but when it comes to your new furnace, the price tag should NOT be your top concern. Instead, focus on the efficiency of the furnace because the more efficient it is, the lower your recurring utility bill payments are going to be. Hesitate to spend a few hundred extra on the better furnace today and you could end up shelling out much more over a span of time.  

#2 The furnace’s fuel source

You can choose from electric, oil or gas based furnaces but not all of them are suitable for all homes. The gas furnace is the most economical one when the temperatures are really low. But older homes may lack the gas lines that these need. If you are shopping for a gas based one now, call in the experts to check if your home has the necessary gas lines. If not, the oil furnace is an option to consider provided you have the substantial space that these require. Also keep in mind that running your furnace will cost more if oil prices soar. Electric furnaces are also an efficient alternative but these may result in significantly bigger utility bills month after month.

#3 Choosing the right furnace size

Before moving on to installing new furnace, you need to buy the one that is perfect for your home. If you are thinking that the bigger the furnace, the better the heating, you are quite wrong, actually. The oversized ones are typically ‘short cycle’, i.e. turn on and off frequently, which means you may not have consistent heating at all times. Plus, this short cycling also has an adverse impact on the life of the furnace itself. Talk to your friendly technician from Budget Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing about the right furnace size well in advance.

#4 Assessing the ventilation system

We know you have a ventilation system at home but when you are getting a new furnace installation done, it is important to verify that the existing system works for the new addition as well. If not, you may have to get some work done to make it compatible.

#5 The duct work- will it need changes?

The furnace may be working at peak efficiency and delivering perfect heating just like the manufacturer promised but you still get the ‘chills’ inside your home if the duct work isn’t keeping pace. If your home is quite old, check the existing duct work and get repairs and replacements done along with the new furnace installation. Otherwise your brand new furnace will be working overtime and you will still not enjoy its heating.

We know it’s all a bit complex and confusing, especially if you have never shopped for or installed a furnace before. That’s why, at Budget Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, we are always on call, to tell you what factors to consider when you are thinking about getting a new furnace. Once you pick the right furnace for your home, just call us in and we will complete your new furnace installation, quickly, efficiently and reliably, well within your budget.