So what’s your favorite month of the year?

A lot of people we know nominate September for that honor, and for some very practical yet personal reasons. For one, the days are still warm and on the long side, but with a lessening of heat and humidity even as the foliage begins to change colors. Plus, many rejoice in having their kids back in school and a return to schedules, routines, and a little added sanity during the day.

And yet September is far from a universal favorite for month of the year honors as it’s the first bona fide harbinger of winter. Your basic glass is half full, half empty way of looking at things.

Well, here’s one thing we can tell you about September with absolute certainty: it’s the absolute best time of year to have your furnace cleaned and inspected in preparation for the upcoming winter season. What makes September so perfect for that task? Well, for one thing, chances are you won’t need your heating system any time this month. That allows us to do a very thorough job without any interruption of service.

Plus, what if our inspection turns up a minor repair problem? Wouldn’t you rather have it fixed now vs. waiting for your furnace to start causing you problems later on? Not only does that provide you with greater convenience, but undoubtedly a lower repair bill, too.

Still, the whole point of our tune-up and inspection process isn’t to go looking for problems – it’s to help prevent them. And we do that by performing a pre-determined number of steps that include the following:

  • Clean the burner assembly
  • Clean & inspect furnace heat exchanger to ensure safe operation (which most Goodman brand furnaces have built in internally)
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Clean or replace filter, as needed
  • Lubricate all working parts, as needed
  • Calibrate thermostat for accurate control
  • And more

When all is said and done, you can look forward to improved operating performance, added safety, longer system lifespan, and lower heating system operating costs.

So happy September, everyone.   And to help keep things on the happy side of the street, why not contact Budget make sure the months that follow are happy ones, too, contact Budget Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today to request a heating system tune-up and inspection of your own.