There are many reasons a homeowner would want to insulate their pipes. The process of installation is very simple, and can be done by anyone. It is also very helpful that pipe insulation is cheap and readily available. Pipe insulation can also make a big difference in water temperature in a home. So, why don’t all homeowners embrace putting insulation on their pipes? Lets take a look at the advantages of insulating your pipes.

Temperature Control

The top reason most homeowners will insulate their pipes is for temperature control. When water sits in your pipes after leaving your water heater, it can cool down quickly. That is why in many home’s when you turn on a shower or sink, you have to wait a little bit of time for the water to heat up to a comfortable temperature. Insulating your pipes can help make that initial water that comes out much more comfortable. This helps a homeowner save, because less water is consumed while waiting for warm water to come through the pipes.

Prevent A Disaster

In addition to helping with energy and water savings, insulating your pipes can help save your home from a potential disaster. Many pipes in homes run through areas like basements, which may not have climate control. In the winter, areas without climate control can very easily go below freezing, which can inadvertently cause your pipes to freeze. When your pipes freeze it can cause them to burst, which can cause major water damage to your home, not to mention the costs of hiring a professional plumber to help resolve the broken pipe in your home. Insulating your pipes can greatly help reduce the chances of that ever happening. Because all of your pipes are susceptible to freezing, it is important to insulate not only your pipes that carry hot water, but your cold water pipes as well.

Call In A Pro

Installing insulation on your pipes is a simple and cheap process that can be easily done by almost all homeowners. However, if you find any hard to reach places or discover any other plumbing issues during your installation call a local, licensed plumber to help get your home in pristine condition.