As Summer rapidly approaches, it is important to homeowners that they ensure their home’s are ready to take on the heat. If you think you may need to replace your unit, doing so before the heat nears triple digits is a smart move. No air conditioner can last forever, so it is important to know the signs that your AC might be on it’s last leg. As air conditioners age, they become increasingly less efficient, so replacing units at the proper time can help save you money in the long run. So just what are some clear signs that your air conditioner will need to be replaced?

Check Your Air Conditioner’s Age

One of the easiest signs that you may need to replace your home’s unit is its age. Cooling systems will typically last 10-15 years, so if your unit is old enough to drive, you know a replacement will probably be in your future. Replacing your unit before it goes out will help ensure that you home does not have to go without cooling for an extended period of time. Many times people will make the mistake of trying to make it just one more year, and then their air conditioner dies on them during the hottest period of the year, which can be extremely frustrating. With the advances in air conditioner technology in the past years, even units that are just 10 years old do not come close to the efficiency of a new unit. Your unit’s inefficiency can end up costing you considerably in the long run.

Take A Listen

The next way you can tell if your unit isn’t going to last much longer is to simply listen to it. If your unit begins to make strange noises or is very noisy all the time, it may not have much time left. Just because your unit is making a noise, it doesn’t necessarily mean it needs immediate replacement. It may be a small issue that a call to a repairman can fix. But providing a fix may just be pushing off the inevitable by a few weeks.

Look At Your Energy Bill

If you take a look at your energy bill and it has jumped to unusually high levels, your AC may just not be getting the job done anymore. As systems age, they loose efficiency. Your AC may be consuming a massive amount of energy to cool your home. Replacing your unit can help lower bills and save you money over time.

Check Your Home’s Airflow

Speaking of inefficiency, you may need to replace your unit if you notice a weak flow in the airflow coming out of your vents. If flow is considerably lower than what it used to put out, you may have a failing compressor.

Contact A Trusted HVAC Company To Replace Your AC

If you are tired of putting repair after repair on your aging system, or you simply want to be more green and energy efficient, replacing your system could be a great option for your home. With new energy efficient systems, many municipalities offer rebates on equipment that meet a certain energy efficiency rating. If you think you want to replace your old air conditioner, reach out to a licensed, local HVAC company to ensure your home stays nice and cool during the summer months.