Now that your kids are back in school, or about to be, you’re no doubt experiencing your own version of early morning rush hour – that magical time each morning when everyone is rushing to get ready for “whatever” all at the same time.

Beyond the obvious mayhem and straining of nerves all this activity can cause, it also puts an added strain on your water heater. The harder a water heater works, the more wear and tear it incurs. That, in turn, creates an even greater need to have it checked no less than once a year by a trained professional.

You see, with added wear and tear comes the very real possibility, over time, for some rather serious problems, not the least of which are gas or carbon monoxide leaks. And those are just two of the items included in our water heater precision tune-up, one designed to help prevent repair problems while providing added safety for you and your family.

At Budget, we offer this service in two simple and convenient ways:

  • You can simply call and request service. Then, if you like, we’ll follow up with you on a regular basis to schedule future tune-ups.
  • For even greater value, you can enroll in our Budget Plumbing Savings Club where, for one low annual fee, you’ll receive a 25-point plumbing operation and safety inspection, a precision water heater tune-up, a 10% savings on all plumbing repairs, and more.

Even under the best of circumstances, your water heater has an expected lifespan of about 10 – 12 years. So it just plain makes sense to take care of it along the way for the convenience and added safety of your family and home.

To learn or schedule service, contact Budget Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.