Winter is fully underway, and things are nice and frigid, just like you’d expect them to be in early February. When freezing temperatures become regular, it’s important that your furnace and the rest of your HVAC system is running properly. This is imperative, because you don’t want to get stuck with a furnace that goes out in the middle of the night in the freezing cold. So, what HVAC upkeep should you perform in the winter to ensure your system continues to run correctly?

Prevent Blockages

When temperatures are below freezing, there is always the possibility for snow to come with it. There is never a time you will want your furnace to blow hotter than on snowy winter nights. However, snow can cause disruptions to your HVAC system. If your outdoor vents are blocked by snow buildup, it can be hazardous for your family’s health, as well as the health of your furnace. Blocked vents can push hazardous gases into your home, which can cause serious harm. It can also cause your HVAC system to run harder and perform poorly.

Don’t Forget Your Air Conditioner

Although it may be the furthest thing from your mind in winter, you should also take a look at your outside air conditioning unit. How well your air conditioner functions in the summer can be affected if you ignore your condenser in the winter. Ice buildup on your air conditioner’s fins can damage them. Preventing ice buildup from forming is a great way to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Regular Maintenance

One of the most obvious and easiest ways to help your system continue to run strongly is to ensure that you are regularly changing your air filter. If you are using your system heavily, it is necessary that you frequently change your furnace filter. This will not only help with your health, but will also help your system perform normally.

Another step a homeowner can take is to check for air leaks in your home. If air is leaking into your home from windows or other cracks, it can take a toll on your energy bill. Caulking or weatherproofing any leaks can make a big difference.

Set Up A Maintenance Agreement

Of course, the best way to upkeep your system year after year is to set up a maintenance agreement with a local, licensed HVAC company who you can trust. They can make sure everything is running correctly, and fix any issues that arise to prevent any possible future headaches.