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September 2017

Air Conditioner Smells

By | 2017-12-11T18:42:49+00:00 September 7th, 2017|Air Conditioning, HVAC|

Everybody loves air conditioning. It is always great on a hot summer day to be able to go into your home, and feel the nice, cool air flowing. However, sometimes that air can have an interesting smell to it. Many of those smells are natural and harmless, but some can be cause of concern. So [...]

August 2017

October 2015

Strange Air Conditioning Smells

By | 2015-10-15T18:47:11+00:00 October 15th, 2015|Air Conditioning|

Foul Smelling Air Conditioners It doesn’t happen often but every once in awhile we get asked why does our A/C smell? In these situations it’s usually a good idea to get that A/C checked out and figure out where the odor is coming from. Leaving the issue unchecked can sometimes lead to more severe problems [...]

Air Conditioning, The Refrigeration Process

By | 2018-01-21T22:41:43+00:00 October 15th, 2015|Air Conditioning|

Air conditioning, often referred to as A/C, is a process of changing the temperature and humidity of the air to more comfortable levels. In common use, an air conditioner is a device that lowers the air temperature and removes humidity. The cooling is typically achieved through a refrigeration cycle, but sometimes through evaporation too. It [...]