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Don’t Fly Your Coop Because of St. Louis’ Humidity

Dehumidifiers fight off the oppressive weather that our area is known for. Make your home the oasis that you deserve in the middle of the summer.

Dehumidifier Benefits

Dehumidifier, Controlling The St. Louis Humidity

Everyone who lives in the St. Louis region knows that the humidity during the summer can be unbearable. Having humidity levels of 50% or higher in your home isn’t just uncomfortable it can also damage your property. Humidity can even make allergies and asthma worse. Dehumidifiers lower the level of moisture from the air inside your home and create a healthier, safer environment for you and your family.

8 Benefits Of Using A Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers make your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew.


They are not disruptive, and run quietly and efficiently without anyone even noticing.


Dehumidifiers help reduce mold and mildew odors. Dehumidifiers can rid of that “musty” or “rotting” smell.


They help reduce the possibility that you will develop mold on your clothing, furniture, and other linens.


Dehumidifiers reduce irritation to your skin and your respiratory system, allowing you to breathe easier and feel comfortable in your home.


Clothing will dry faster, breads will remain fresh longer, and less rust & corrosion on things like electronics, and tools.


Dehumidifiers helps reduce dust in your home reducing the need to dust. Decreasing the time it takes to clean.


A dehumidifier also lowers energy costs because it helps your air conditioner run more efficiently and need less repairs.

The Ideal Humidity Range

Now this is all based on personal preference but here are the ranges that we have found to be the best to keep company. During the winter the idea range is between 30-50% whereas in the summer the range shrinks to 30-40%. However the most ideal range is generally 31%-37%.

When Do You Need a Dehumidifier?

Well since we are in St. Louis, if you don’t have one than you need one. However there are other signs as well.

  • Condensation on windows or mirrors.

  • Mold on walls or linens.

  • Musty odors.

  • Having a relative humidity over 50%.

A hygrometer is a cheap piece of equipment that you can get at your local hardware store that will tell you what the humidity is in your home. It is the best way to tell what your home’s humidity is and therefore allows you to make an even more informed decision.

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