Improved Indoor Air Quality

Whole-home humidifiers add moisture to the air and work with your homes heating systems to circulate it to every room. They also help to minimize your risk of illness as most bacteria do not survive in moist air.

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Healthy Climate

Whole-House Humidifier Manual – $690

Manual humidifiers operation requires the homeowner to manually adjust the humidify level on the humidifier control as the outdoor temperature changes

Whole-House Automatic Humidifier – $790

An automatic humidifier digital humidifier control uses this information to determine if the home requires additional humidity, to ensure the optimum humidification level is maintained.

Protect your family

Did you know that bacteria, mold and other airborne viruses thrive in both excessively dry or damp conditions? That’s why making sure your homes humidity level stays between 30-50% all year long is so important 

Protect your pockets

When your homes humidity level is where it should be, it can help prevent your homes air conditioner or furnace from working harder than it needs too. This can help yo save money on your energy cost overtime. 

Protect your home

Most people think water is one of the biggest threats to their home, however dry air is just as big of a threat. Dry air can lead to cracked wood while damp air can create a environment for harmful mold or other pests to thrive in. 


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