Whole Home Maintenance.

Annual maintenance can help prevent your equipment from working harder than it needs too. We have a few different maintenance plan options that can help you stay on top of routine clean and checks.

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Whole Home Maintenance

Prolong the Life of Your Home Comfort Equipment

Home Maintenance Plan

Starting at $19.95/month per HVAC System


Cooling Maintenance

  • Clean & Check of AC Equipment
  • Calibrate Thermostat
  • Check Filter
  • Clear Out Condensate Line
  • Check Evaporator Coil
  • Test Temperature Split
  • Chemical Wash Outdoor Condenser
  • Amp Draw on Compressor
  • Check Compressor Windings
  • Amp Draw on Fan Motor
  • Check Refrigerant Pressures
  • Clean & Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Test Capacitors & Operations

Heating Maintenance

  • Clean & Check of Furnace Equipment
  • Calibrate Thermostat
  • Check Filter
  • Test Temperature Split
  • Amp Draw on Fan Motor
  • Clean & Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Test Capacitors & Operations
  • Test Safety & Limit Switches
  • Remove & Clean Burners
  • Clean Heat Exchanger
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Check for Proper Gas Pressure

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Water Heater Inspection:
    • Flush the Tank
    • Check Burner Assembly
    • Check Water Connections
    • Check Gas/Electrical Connections
    • Check Anode Rod
    • Check Water Heater Drains/Valves
    • Check for Proper Venting
    • Check Temperature/Delivery Rate
    • Look for Code Issues
  • Whole Home Plumbing Evaluation:
    • Water Pressure
    • Faucets
    • Toilets
    • Shower Heads
    • Washing Machine Hook-ups
    • Sink Connections
    • Garbage Disposal
    • Outdoor Hose Bibs
    • Water Main Shutoff

Additional Benefits for the Year:

15% Off Service Repairs

5% Off Equipment Installs

Waive Dispatch Fee
(During Normal Business Hours)

Priority Scheduling
(During Normal Business Hours)


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Most people don’t think twice about their water heater until it stops working. But a water heater is one of the most essential components within a home.  A typical family uses 28 to 56 gallons of hot water everyday. From showers, to cleaning clothes, to washing dishes, you use your water heater in some aspect every single day. Are you giving your water heater the attention it deserves?

Flushing a water heater does not apply to only traditional units, but tankless water heaters as well. One of the most important working pieces within your tankless water heater is the heat exchanger. A lack of maintenance can cause the narrow passages within it to become clogged by mineral build up and slow down the amount of water passing through, which in return will cause the water to cool down.

Lack of Maintenance Can Cause:

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Burst Pipes
  • Shortened Lifespan of Water Heater
  • Decreased Capacity (Less Hot Water)
  • Mineral Deposits on Fixtures

Water Heater Flush Includes

Traditional Gas - $249

Water Heater Cleaning Includes:

  • Tank Flush
  • Burner and heat exchanger cleaning
  • Pilot assembly cleaning
  • Thermocouple replacement
  • Gas pressure adjustment

Traditional Electric - $249

Water Heater Cleaning Includes:

  • Tank Flush
  • Element Test
  • Upper and lower thermostat test
  • Electrical connections inspection
  • T&P test

Tankless - $269

Water Heater Cleaning Includes:

  • Tank Flush with solution
  • Burner and heat exchanger cleaning
  • Pilot assembly cleaning
  • Gas pressure adjustment


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