Water Heater Repair.

Some water heater repairs are complicated and some are pretty simple. Our comfort specialists are trained to examine the situation and figure out what is plaguing your water heater. Sometimes replacements aren’t necessary and a quick fix is all you might need.

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4 Common Types of Water Heater Repairs

Burner Assembly Clean and Replacement

The burner assembly works with your pilot light to heat your water. Both parts can have dirt and grime build up on them. This can increase your water bills or even cause your hot water to stop working. These parts can be serviced and cleaned so that your water heater can efficiently produce the level of hot water that you’re used too.

Broken Dip Tubes

Dip tubes are tubes that deliver cold water to the bottom of your water heater so that it can be heated and sent to the rest of your home. If it breaks off the cold water will not get heated and left at the top of your water heater. If this happens the water heater will then send cold water to your faucets instead of hot water.

Flushing The Water Tank

Your water heater stores water in a large tank. Over time sediment will accumulate inside the tank. Flushing the tank will help remove some of this sediment and can be done as regular maintenance. However when regular maintenance has been forgotten the tank may need to be flushed before any other repairs are finished.

Gas Thermocouple Replacement

The thermocouple is an important safety measure on your gas powered water heater. It tells the gas valve when the pilot light is on to send gas to power the unit. Thanks to the thermocouple, if the pilot light is off the gas valve will shut off and this prevents dangerous gas from getting in your home. However if the thermocouple goes out the gas valve will shut off and you wont have gas to power your water heater!


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All of our estimates include labor, materials, permits, removal, and warranty pricing. Feel free to either request service or contact a comfort specialist for a free estimate.

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