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Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Winter can be unpredictable in St. Louis, and the frigid temperatures can put your pipes at risk of freezing. Frozen pipes can lead to expensive issues, such as breaks and bursts. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help prevent frozen pipes this season. Here are some tips from plumbing professionals to protect your pipes during the winter months. Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes:


Remove and Secure Outdoor Faucets and Valves 

Disconnect all garden hoses and allow the faucets to drain completely. Shut-off valves attached to outdoor faucets should also be closed, and faucet covers can provide additional protection for your pipes.

Keep Your Indoor Faucets Dripping 

Allowing your indoor faucets to drip overnight or during a freeze can prevent your interior pipes from freezing over. Running water, even at a drip, keeps the water moving through the pipes and helps prevent them from freezing.

Insulate All Unprotected Pipes 

Check your home’s attic, crawlspaces, and any other areas for exposed pipes. If you find any, wrap them with heat tape or thermostat-controlled heat cables to help prevent freezing.

Open Cabinets Under Sinks 

Keeping the cabinets under your sinks open can allow heat to circulate around the pipes beneath them, helping to keep them from freezing. This can also decrease the workload on your furnace.

Seal All Cracks 

Check around the doors, windows, and vents in your home for cracks or openings where cold air may seep in. Use caulk to fill any gaps that might let in cold air and help prevent freezing. 

Keep Your Thermostat Set at the Same Temperature 

Keeping your thermostat at the same temperature day and night will help prevent your pipes from freezing over and save you money on your heating bill. Even if you’re going to be away from home, don’t turn the temperature down too low to avoid freezing pipes.

When Leaving Town, Shut Off Water and Leave Heat On 

If you’re leaving your home for an extended period of time during the cold months, turn off the water system after it has fully drained and keep your thermostat set to above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help prevent frozen pipes and other cold-weather issues.

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