Tips To Prevent Sump Pump Failure

Prevent Sump Pump Failure

Planning ahead and keeping up with maintenance are the best ways to avoid sump pump failure. While it’s possible that your sump pump has a malfunction, issues are more frequently the result of poor maintenance or sloppy installation.

Your sump pump may be failing for a number of reasons, and figuring out what’s wrong is the first step in fixing it.

A power loss is the most common reason for sump pump failure. Because sump pumps are powered by your home, blackouts might be a concern.

There are two approaches to solving this issue. First of all, having a backup generator in your home is always a good idea, especially in situations like this. The alternative, less expensive method of preventing sump pump failure during blackouts is to get a backup battery-powered sump pump that works even when your electricity is out. Sump pump battery backups can range in price from $275 to $500. They may not be inexpensive at first, but they are the best defense against basement flooding after a power outage.


Improper Installation could potentially be the cause of sump pump failure. Your unit can be too large or too small for your home, which increases the likelihood that your pump will break down. Ensure sure your pump is appropriate for the volume of groundwater it will need to pump out of your home.

You might also be experiencing an issue with the Sump Pump Switch. The float switch on a sump pump is a moving component that is used the most and frequently goes out first

The final factor in preventing sump pump failure is Maintenance. If your pump hasn’t been running recently, test it by filling the sump pit with water or running a water hose into it. The pump should automatically switch on when the water level reaches a certain point, pump out the majority of the water, then turn off again. If you have a backup pump, test it periodically yearly to make sure it will function in the case of a power outage. Moreover, note when the battery needs to be changed. If the battery runs out, the backup pump won’t function. Make sure the airhole in the discharge line is clear before doing a pump test. The float switch on the boat is.


And as always, if you run into unexpected issues that are too big to tackle, always reach out to a professional. Relax! Just Call Budget.

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